Respond 2: Respond to Sifan’s Inquiry-based Learning

Hello Sifan,

I enjoy reading the inquiry-based learning strategy that you shared with us! You showed us the different forms of interaction and several useful phases of the inquiry-based learning process. As the current situation in the world, most of the learners have to stay at home, learning everything from the computer. Therefore, the inquiry-based learning strategy is a relatively efficient way for learners to study by themselves. In order to achieve the purpose of allowing students to learn independently, the teacher guides the students to discover the problems themselves. When the students do not understand some of the questions, they can appropriately dial and induce the direction of inquiry. Just like the learning phase 4 “Design” you talked about in your article. The teacher could also inspire students’ imagination by leaving some imaginative homework such as dairy homework, online blogging homework, etc. The students could open their minds to learn better than they think.

Thanks for sharing such a great learning strategy with us!

Brian Cai

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