Respond 3: Respond to Danny’s Electronic Health Records post

Hello Danny,

I was attracted by your video content and you gave us a really good response to the questions that our instructor left for us! The video is showing us how an electrical health record is important to us and how does it work compare to the old paper version. In the current situation, there are tons of COVID-19 patients who need to go to the hospital. Most of them may have other kinds of diseases. The number of patients is several times higher than usual. If we still use paper to record their condition, obviously it will easily mess up, and it may cause misdiagnosis. By using new technologies, each patient will have a detailed “list” showing what kind of diseases or allergies they have, what symptoms they are having recently, and what medicine they normally take. Doctors in different departments can easily check it by entering the health insurance card number to the software to see what the patient needs in the next step. This is very efficient and I believe this kind of software will be used in most of our facilities in the future such as the library, police station, school, musical concert, NBA games, supermarket… etc. Technology is changing our life!

Thank you for sharing us the video, and your recommendation about leaving the comment down below the video! It is a good way to share feedback with each other in the comments rather than just playing the video on Television. Thus everybody could see the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Brian Cai

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