Respond 4: Respond to Yulu’s post: Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Constructivism

Hello Yulu,

Thank you for sharing your experience preparing your Gaokao (The university entrance examination in China)in the past years! As a Chinese student, I was suffering from Gaokao before as well. At that time, I did not set a specific goal for myself like you did. Instead, I kept learning what I interested in and gave up everything that I did not like. Therefore, I failed in my Gaokao and chose to study aboard. In my first-year study in Canada, I learned a lot from the failure that I had. So I started to set several small goals for myself to finish these goals in limited time such as learn 10 new words a day for 7 days, go to the glossary store to find something new, and trying to communicate with the cashiers without using the translated…etc. When I finished each small task, I felt a great accomplishment in the inner heart, and this accomplishment would push me to learn more and more things in daily life. Now, I’m still using this strategy to learn everything that I am not familiar with (or not interested in).

Thank you for sharing your Gaokao experience with me and that reminds me of my wrong learning strategy that I used before!


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